ANP 437

Asian Communities (Fall 2014)

In this paper, I discuss the some of the historical settingsĀ that racialize and perceiveĀ Asians as a culturally different at different times and geographical locations. I used examples from the readings and in class discussion such as:

  • Chinese in the United States.
  • Chinese in Latin America.
  • Regulations of laws.

This assignment achieved 3 of the learning goals:

  • Learning Goal 1: Demonstrate how communities differently construct systems of knowledge about the natural and social world.
  • Learning Goal 2: Demonstrate in-depth understanding of a culture other than their own.
  • Learning Goal 3: Explain cultural and biological diversity across time and space.

By studying the racialize, perceive, and labels of Asians I demonstrated through my paper the construct of the government system and society, studied the culture of Asians and geographically location where they reside, and exploring the effects of it through time and space.