ANP 464 & ANP 476

MSU Campus Archaeology Program

ANP 464: Field Methods in Archaeology (Summer 2015)

Learning Goal 9: Apply appropriate methods: to collect data in at least one subfield (field or lab work)

During the 2015 field school, I, along with several other students, excavated behind the administrative building. We collected several artifacts ranging from glass, metal fragments, ceramics, etc. After the field school was completed, the next step involved sorting, writing the asession number on the artifacts, and cataloging them. More information cane be found at

ANP 476: Internship in Anthropology (Fall 2015)

Learning Goal 10: Apply appropriate methods: to analyze data in at least one subfield.

As I continued my work with MSU Campus Archaeology Program (CAP), my research involved dating the maker’s marks from Unit A. By analyzing the maker’s marks I was able to determine the amount of ceramics that had maker’s marks on them, determine the manufacturing company that produced them, and how long they were printed for.