Asian Pacific American Student Organization

Photo: 2014 APASO Banquet 

APASO is one student organization that form C.O.R.E.S. It stands for the Asian Pacific American Student Organization. There are 10 affiliates of APASO. They include:

Chinese Student Coalition

Korean Student Association

Hmong American Student Association

Pilipino American Student Society

Vietnamese Student Association

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi

Alpha Phi Gamma

Lambda Phi Epsilon

Pi Alpha Phi

Sigma Beta Rho

APASO started in 1982 by a group of Asian student activists. APASO is strongly dedicated to our students; we’re constantly bringing vast amount of cultural perfomances for showing off unique talents within the APA community, as well as hosting several conferences for better understanding of both contemporary APA issues and diverse history. Some events we planned were:

APA Kick-off

APASO Monologues

APASO Pageant

Cultural Vogue

Lunar New Year

As a past executive board member, there are many things I learned and continue to grow from as I reflect on the experience. I gained several skills including: planning and facilitating events, conducting meetings, and working in a team. The late night meetings taught me the importance of time management and collaboration. If I had to choose one thing that still sticks with me today about my experience with APASO, it would how to plan events.