Council of Racial and Ethnic Students (2013-2014)

The Council of Racial and Ethnic Students is composed of four student organizations: Asian Pacific American Student Organization (APASO), Black Student Alliance (BSA), Culturas De Las Razas (CRU), and  North American Indigenous Student Organization (NAISO).

Our goal is to help students better understand themselves through cultural and social activities. We also serve as a advocate system for social issues in the community.

Having been apart of C.O.R.E.S. helped me develop leadership skills, cultural awareness, and advocacy work. Also, having never lived on campus, C.O.R.E.S. established a safe community for me to meet new people, discuss racial and social issues, and learn and grow.

Something important I remember from my year with C.O.R.E.S was the retreat at the Kellogg Biological Center in Battle Creek. C.O.R.E.S. was my second involvement on campus. I value this because I never lived on campus but was still able to receive the college experience. I got the chance to meet amazing students who were passionate like me but also came from different backgrounds. We were also placed in several leadership workshop. Together, we formed C.O.R.E.S. and created a community of strength and value for students of colors and minorities.