Spartan Remix

Spartan Remix is an annual event that takes place on the Thursday after Labor Day. It is a cultural celebration/festival organized by the Spartan Remix Committee comprised of students from all backgrounds. The event is involves performances, student organizations, arts & crafts, artists, food, etc.

Spartan Remix to me means bringing people from all different backgrounds together to celebrate culture and diversity. It was the first activity I got involved with after my freshman year. Due to the fact that it is organized by the Offie of Cultural and Academic Transitions, I knew about it through my participation in the MAGIC program. Although I did not attend my freshmen year, I find myself lucky to have been a part of the committee for the past four years. The event puts aside all social and racial issues to bring students together on a day full of people from different backgrounds. culture, religion, etc.

2013 Theme: Our Beats Meet 

2014 Theme: United Rhythms  

2015 Theme: Infinite Harmony 

2016 Theme: Break Out, Tune In, Turn Up!