Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs

MI GEAR UP is a statewide program proving early intervention service to high school students in two key components:

  • Gaining Early Awareness refers to college exposure, financial aid/admissions information, college choice and other important knowledge necessary for students to become prepared to pursue post-secondary options.
  • Readiness for Undergraduate Programs refers to skill building and academic preparedness including reading literacy, critical thinking skills, study techniques and test-taking ability. The U.S. Department of Education awarded a multi-million grant to Michigan, spread out over a seven year program, distributed among the 15 public universities. The program begins in 7th grade and students are followed through their freshman year of college.The project will produce, support and disseminate college preparation and planning publications. In addition, M.I.G.U. will assist students in their senior year of high school with financial aid by providing important information about F.A.F.S.A. applications and competitive scholarships, including limited funding for scholarships awarded to long-time program participants in a competitive selection process.

The graduating class of 2017, we served students from the following high school:

  • Cass Technical High School (Detroit)
  • Jackson High School
  • Eastern High School (Lansing)
  • J.W. Sexton High School (Lansing)
  • Everett High School (Lansing)

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As a student facilitator, I helped monitor workshops, group lectures, and trips. In a team of about 15 undergraduate students, we helped maintain the safety and security of over 50 high school students.