Minor in Graphic Design

The Minor in Graphic Design offers students the opportunity to be exposed to concepts, vocabulary, methods, and history of grapic design.

My interest in graphic design began when I was 12 years old. I started to design with Photoshop: adjusting image color, applying layers, cropping, and intergrating text with images. In middle school, I continued practicing by reading articles and blogs and watching youtube videos. In high school, I learned to web design through Adobe Dreamweaver. As I continue to further my interest in design through the use of technology, I hope to intergrate my design skills in my studies, taking an artistic approach in everything I do.


STA 110 – Drawing 1

STA 113 – Color and Design

STA 160 – Digital Graphic Design

STA 260 – Concepts of Graphic Design

HA 200 – History of Graphic Design

HA 200 – History of Graphic Design

I was fortunate to be taught by my instructor Grace. She’s not only taught be about history of graphic design but also the importance and historical context of art. In this course, I learned to conduct formal analyses using appropriate diction and description. Below is a manifesto I created from one of the given assignments.



STA 113 – Color and Design Projects

 Project 1.4: Magazine Abstraction

 Project 2.1: Relief Printmaking using linoleum

 Project 3.2: From Collage to Painting

 Project 4: Geometry & Line Study

 Project 5.1: Linear Perspective