The Hub’s Student Innovation Team

February 10th, 2017 – April 21st, 2017

“The Hub’s Student Innovation Team enhances higher education’s traditional model of project implementation by engaging student voices early in large-scale University challenges and opportunities. The team addresses challenges in curriculum and course development, space design, engagement strategy, and more through research, brainstorming, and testing. Each week, the 12 person team learns to apply methods of creative problem solving, such as design thinking, systems thinking, and Lean Six Sigma, to 2-week project sprints. Individuals on this year’s team brought diversity from 10 different majors, 6 colleges, on and off-campus, transfer, domestic, and international students.”

Personal Experience

I joined The Hub’s Student Innovation Team because I wanted to gain more experience in design thinking and user experience research. Little did I know that it was going to more than just that. I’ve not only learned about design and systems thinking but I’ve learned how to problem solve through critical thinking and analysis.

What I enjoyed about The Hub’s Student Innovation Team was working with students from different majors ranging from Experience Architecture, Computer Science, and Zoology. The innovation team granted me the last opporunity as an undergrad to work closely with other undergraduate students. I not only learned about their majors and career options after graduation, but I learned about their passions and goals. Sometimes, I think we as students are so focused on our own path and goals that we forget to take the time to meet, learn, and help each other.

What I gained from the innovation team was how to apply anthropology to designing thinking and user experience research. Our discussions were lead through workshops that focused on values, experiences, and majors. By analyzing our experiences, we were able to help clients seeking student feedback for the MSU Computer Store/IT Services, Global Center for Food Systems Innovation, and the MSU 15-Credit-Campaign.

Meet the Student Innovation Team