Week 4 Reflection

The way I work and see things are based on systems and how everything connects to one another. This week I learned that it’s not so easy to design and draw workflows. In my head it appears to be simple but sitting down and drawing out a website, app, or even how products can be used is challenging.

From the Designing Workflow That Works Presentation, I had problems with audio. When it would skip to the next slide the audio would not work. I had to click on the slide to have the audio play. What I learned from the presentation is that having a website with many clicks isn’t the best choice. I take that into consideration with my own website. I have a lot of information and tabs and sub-tabs. I didn’t realize that having many clicks can cause the user to feel overwhelm, just like how I simple did while watching the video.

As the 4th week of class, finding images to post on Pinterest have been getting harder. There are a lot of information that are more technically than physical. In other words, I’ve been finding portfolios and images that are more about workflow than the physical design/product itself. Some portfolios I’ve seen either have their web & interface work while others have visual & print. Eva-Lotta Lamm’s portfolio has been the best so far. She has a combination of Web & Interface, Games & Animation, Visualisation & Print, and Illustration & Sketches. What I like about her portfolio is that not only does it include several parts of her skillsets but also it’s well organize in terms of the layout of her website.