Week 5 Reflection

This week’s topic on design reminds me of my art studio class, which focused on color and design. We learned about the design principles, how to give good critiques, and how to apply the design principles to art. From this week, the topic really brought me back to my fascination on typography, which I see that we will be learning more about next. Something so simple, yet so important can effect the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a design.

A design doesn’t have to be digital. In my art studio class we did some paper cutting, painting, and drawings. It really helped with understanding the design principles and what makes great art and design.

Our assignment was to find and discuss about two effective and ineffective websites. It was kind of hard to find ineffective websites. I had to look at fake new websites and those who sell products. Most effective websites has either 3 or more design principles applied to their homepage. The ones I found were balance, rhythm, and figure/ground. Color, typography, and images were important when assessing if they met the design principles. In one of the student’s Pinterest pin, there was a article about rhythm and how color, images, and text can create rhythm. Rhythm can also create balance. This got me thinking about how each design principle has an effect on each other.