Week 6 Reflection

This week has been my favorite so far from the reading, videos, and assignment. Besides the fact that I enjoy typography I think the reading, videos, and assignment connected very well together. I also think the pins from other students were really interesting this week too. My favorite was the font moods that one of the students shared.

I’ve watched the video on Helvetica before and it never gets boring. What I really like about it is learning how it relates to historical times and the effect it has had on society. I think this movie does a good job at teaching those who don’t understand why typography is interesting.

The assignment this week was my favorite. I really enjoyed taking time to think about which font to use on bulletin/highway/road boards. Even though there are similar fonts, with this assignment, it really made me think about which one is best in conveying the message that I want to get across. For example, font for the highway boards should be simple and easy to read since cars are driving 70 mph (in Michigan). Calibri, arial, avenir, and more can appear to be the same font but the feelings they convey can differ, which is important because it can either attract to push away customers. Also, using different fonts together on a board, book, box is important because the message and design has to work well together to convey what the designer or company wants to customers to feel.