Week 7 Reflection

It’s the last week of class and I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve learned so far. I’m excited to continue on my journey at Kent State University and further my education even after I finish. I’ve been thinking a lot about integrating anthropology and ux together. I enjoy problem solving, culture, religion, design and art and so much more. It’s hard for me to just focus on one subject because I believe everything affects one another.

The assignment this week was to design a User Persona. Definitely wasn’t the easiest thing for me. I enjoy editing photos more than I do designing but I think it’s only because I haven’t gotten the time to continue to learn and teach myself about layouts and graphics. The hardest part about this assignment was the layout. I used Photoshop and kept having to switch information around because there either wasn’t enough space or it didn’t read like I wanted it to (hierarchy).

I was editing my website this week and realized there are a lot of changes I want and need to make. I started reflecting on some of the assignments we’ve done in the past and even the Pinterest post I’ve shared about other designer’s portfolio. The informations I’ve learned in this course, has been helpful in ways that has made me reflect on my own work.